Important Notice


Beware of counterfeit Exideal products on the market

Fake Websites

We have confirmed that there are websites that were using information from our website and were made to look like our official website. These fake websites attempt to look official and sell our line of products, despite there being no relation to our website. These fake websites have been conducting unauthorized and illegal activities including trademark infringement, using our company name without prior consent, and/or copyright infringement (using images from other official websites without prior consent). Using these websites may infect your computer with viruses, compromise your personal information, or result in non-delivery or knock-off product delivery. Do not order or pay through these websites.

Counterfeit products

In August 2016 we confirmed the counterfeiting of one of our products. Not only the appearance of the product itself but also the packaging and accessories were identical. While we are taking legal means to combat the sale of these counterfeit products by unauthorized merchants, we strongly suggest that our customers purchase from authorized dealers only.

Comparison: Official vs. Counterfeit products


There is no significant difference as it relates to the counterfeit product packaging although the printed colors and materials slightly differ.

Exterior appearance: Front

As of 2016, the official Exideal product panel is even and as smooth as glass. On the other hand, the counterfeit product panel has an uneven surface and four indentations. (These pictures shown here are of the official and counterfeit products that have been on the market since June 2014.) **Please note: Official Exideal products made before June 2014 have four indentations.

Exterior appearance: Back

Official Exideal products have visible holes in the back, while counterfeit products have screw coverings over every hole. Additionally, counterfeit products have instruction stickers on the back. **Please note: There are other counterfeit products that do not have screw coverings or instruction stickers.

AC adapters

Official AC adapter labels have Japanese markings and the Exideal logo; counterfeit AC adapters often do not. Additionally, counterfeit AC adapters are shaped and sized differently. Counterfeit white AC adapters have insufficient electrical current capacity. **Please note: There are AC adapters with the Exideal logo.

Safety Goggles

Counterfeit safety goggles are wider and more round than official goggles. Counterfeit safety goggles have serial numbers or model numbers as shown in the picture. *The purpose of official safety goggles is to decrease glare. Additionally, official safety goggle are blue-blocking and have higher transmittance. We found out that counterfeit goggles do not have these capabilities.

Included in official product packaging:

Instructions Brochure Survey card Mode setting and Wake-up Mode sticker *Counterfeit products may not include these items.

Serial Numbers

Official products have unique serial numbers. However, counterfeit products may have serial numbers that appear to be legitimate but in fact are not. Our serial number stickers are always placed as shown in the picture, while counterfeit products have different placement.

Product warranty

Counterfeit products that are purchased from unauthorized merchants, that have unauthorized serial numbers, and that do not carry our official guarantee are not covered under warranty. We are not responsible for malfunctions, damage, or accidents caused by counterfeit products. Official websites ・Exideal websiteExideal Rakuten website Please refer to our official website for information on authorized dealers Contact information for questions or concerns relating to counterfeits products Exideal customer service: 0120-034-503 Monday – Friday (except holidays) 10am – 5pm