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How to use the Exideal

Process 1: Clean your face with the cleanser and spread the special lotion over your entire face.

* Please do a patch test before using it for the first time.
* You can use the lotion before, during, and after irradiation.

Process 2: Please connect the AC adaptor into the device.

Process 3: Press a button on the control panel to turn on power

1. Go off a startup-sound.
2. Program number on display monitor.
(First time sound is P01. Last operation of program number is shown after the 2nd time.)

Process 4: Please select a program with the up-down button from the control panel which you like while checking program number.

1. Select irradiation program with UP/Down button.
2. UP button: One click and show P01 to P10 → P01 in order.
3. DOWN button: One click and show P01 to P10 → P09 to P01 in order.
4. Displayed-Program without select program starts immediately when you press the start button. 。
■Types of program
P01/02(Goggle required / disused):Skin texture and care support
P03/04(Goggle required / disused):Helps to treat adolescent skin problems
P05/06(Goggle required / disused):Aging and dry skin care
P07(Goggle required) :Healthy skin and a smile! Beautiful skin care support
P08(Goggle required):Helps to treat the oily T-zone
P09(Goggle required):Total care support in the fall and winter
P10(Goggle required):Total care support in the spring and summer

Process 5: Press SET.SELECT button for time setting 6 when you decide to use the program.

Process 6: Please set the timer (maximum for 30 mins) with the UP/DOWN button from the control panel while checking displayed-monitor for irradiation time.

1.The initial display shows for default value program (Standard irradiation time). It can be operated procedure 7 if there is no change.
2. It can be set to change irradiation time by UP/DOWN button.
3. UP Button: One click and show 1 to 30 → 1 in order in every 1 mins.
4. DOWN Button: One click and show 1 to 30 → 29 to 1 in order in every 1 mins.
5.It memorizes previous action time when you press the start button during set to iradiation time.
6.It changes configuration of previous action of irradiation program time during irradiation time.
7.Program number and selecting time on the display-monitor can be confirmed. To do so press the set-button with set to program and time in a series of operations without the UP/DOWN button.

Process 7: Adjust for irradiation angle and irradiation distance.

Process 8: Please wear the exclusive goggles when necessary.

Process 9: Start irradiation by pressing the start button. Please press the start button once again to abort the program.

1.After you finish setting the irradiation program and timer start the program by using the start button. Pressing the start button will activate the lights on the start-display (red-color).
2. Irradiation starts after the 5 second countdown on the display-monitor when choosing a program that uses goggles. (Please place on the goggles within the 5 seconds)
3. Pressing the button starts irradiation for programs that do not require goggles.
4.It shows on display monitor in 5 seconds during program.
5.Pressing the SELECT button during a program stops irradiation with a pause sound. It confirms pause state and changes the start-display to a flashing (red-light).
6. Pressing the SELECT program once again restarts the program.
7. Pressing the start button during program and pause stops the program in process. It becomes possible to reset the program and also resets the countdown timer.
8. Pressing the start button memorizes the executed program. It always memorizes the previous program and shows it in the next selection program.
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