About LED
Exideal uses the 120 of 4 wavelength LED.
This light delivers beauty to your skin.

LED (Light‐Emitting Diode)?

LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode which illuminates a specific color (wavelength) and is a semiconductor. One NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) space shuttle mission researched how to grow plants in space.
The LED has many practical applications and contributes to solving many problems. It gets attention from health and beauty businesses.
Nowadays, many of them use it as the most advanced technology. One of the main advantages of this beauty treatment is that it is gentle on the skin, painless, and has no side-effects. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) deemed it safe for use on the human body.

This is light humambeing cannot do without.

There are different types of light in the world.
Some light can cause a bad effect on the human body, but LED utilizes specific wavelengths that are able to illuminate. For example, the sun contains ultraviolet rays that can cause skin trouble.
But LED does not contain any ultraviolet rays and utilizes specific wavelengths that illuminate the skin.
Moreover, Exideal LED makes a strict selection and use of ultra-high luminescent light and ultra-high power for beauty treatment.

Exideal uses a 4 wavelength LED

Visible Rays of Light
Blue LED: Wavelength 460mm
Yellow LED: Wavelength 590mm
Red LED: Wavelength 640mm

Invisible Rays of Light
Ultraviolet Ray: Exideal uses near infrared rays.(*Caution: LED has no color.)

It gets attention from different areas because it has low electricity consumption.

Moreover LED is small, has a long-life, and doesn't generate a lot of heat.
There have recently been more LED machines at beauty exhibitions. It successively provides LED irradiation for skin treatment at beauty salons.
The photo-treatment, which is the most advanced technology and safe, is popular at beauty clinics in the United States.

LED is very safe.

LED treatment is gentle on the skin, painless, and has no side-effects.
Demand in the beauty scene is expected to continue.

About harmful effects of the blue light on vision and safety for Exideal

1. Blue color luminous transmittance (permeability) and the opacity of closed eyes

The LED equipped with Exideal is different from the white LED used by most lighting equipment and backup light. It combines with infrared radiation and the specific wavelength colors of red, yellow, and blue.
Each specific wavelength is designed for combining with different types of wavelength(color).
The luminous transmittance (permeability) is very important for care-support programs. The transmittance (permeability) of the LED luminescent color for eyelid and skin are closely related.
The order of red-color and blue-color successfully increases infrared light, but blue light hardly transmits through the eyelid.

According to the paper of luminous transmittance by California University (Moseley MJ [Light transmission through the human eyelid: in vivo measurement.]Ophthalmic Physiol Opt. 1988;8(2):229-30.), eyelid permeability is blue-color 0.3%, green-color 0.3%, red-color 5.6%.

In brief, the luminous transmittance of blue light is 19 times more than that of red light.
Closing your eyes prevents up to 99.7% of blue-color light.(*See Figure 1)

* The LED equipped with Exideal uses a safe power-output, and it is all wide angle dispersed light which includes an infrared light. (It is distinct from laser light and condensed lense light.) The irradiation program is not programmed soley for "blue color" wavelength.
It is programmed to cause contraction of the pupil when feeling the glare. It is considered to have a healthy vision design.

2. About Exideal exclusive goggles and blue color luminous transmittance

The Exideal exclusive goggle accessory is attenuated 460mm LED blue-color capable of 1/166 and it excludes blue-light 99.4%.(Figure 2)

3. Safe to use with Exideal

■Please close your eyes

It exludes blue-light 99.4% as shown above 1. Looking at the Exideal light momentarily during button operation does not damage the eyes. However, momentary brightness can blind a person temporarily, so please avoid purposefully looking into the light.

■Please wear goggles correctly。

Exideal program presupposes wearing the goggles during the program. Please wear the goggles and close your eyes when recommended by the programs.

*Please close your eyes for all programs that do not use goggles.

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