Closer to You....

I don't understand what "Bring to beauty?" means.

Take Exideal mini with you wherever you go.
It is a shiny elegant gloss that is soft and smooth to the touch.
It has a simple design that blends into any scene with you.


It is light and handy.
You can use it wherever there is an outlet.


Use it all over Japan and other countries.*3
It has a compact size so you can bring it when going out or on a small trip.

*3 100-240V compatible countries.

It has a compact size and high performance.

It has a compact size that is easy to carry.
*1 Use the 120 of 4 wavelength LED and add
the new care support program for the scalp.
The design is simple - I do not understand
"beauty device is next you"

*1 Width 118mm×Length 244.7mm×Height 23.2mm

4 Different Types of Treatment Programs

Texture firmness of skin care support

Texture firmness of skin care support

Please use the Exideal for taking care of your skin when you have a lack of sleep and unsteady lifestyle. Firm and elastic skin, trouble with fine skin.... - I do not understand "meeting your age types for aging care"


Helps to treat adolescent skin problems.

Helps to treat adolescent skin problems.
For trouble with adolescent skin.

Please use it for the care and support of smooth and fine skin.
For trouble with aging skin for many years.


An aging and dry skin care.

Please use it for dry and rough skin
which are caused by too much AC or winter time weather.

Scalp care support

This program is only for the Exideal mini.
Care for scalp maintenance and beautiful hair for all ages.
Use it for colored hair damage and in getting violet ray scalp.

Use to attain a young healthy scalp.

4 new

*For the goggles

The Exideal Mini does not include goggles. The light of all programs is low power and you do not need to use the goggles, but please close your eyes during a session.

Essential lotion for scalp

Your hair likes to retain moisture.

5 Free


Every day skincare and scalp, too. Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes the scalp.

Needed for aging care, but start skin care at early age for a beautiful and healthy scalp.

Specifications:Content 150ml
Sales Price: ¥3,000 & Tax)
Item's Stock Number:EX-120L

*Effective way to use the Exideal mini LED beauty device!

Read the instruction manual carefully and throughly before using the appliance, and then use it correctly.

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